Nov 15, 2013

It's just that..

I already know the risk, but still i wanna do it! Finally, hahahahahahahahaha (gelak kt diri sendiri). PADAN MUKA. Fullstop. That's the word. kemon laaa, dah lupa ke??
..again n again n again n again..i did it again! When it's going to stop??
Holding back? I don't think i can do it anymore.
Ok enough is enough. I surrender. Call me loser? Like i care.'s just the feeling! It's just that. My bad. No offense. 

.......dan air pun mengalir...

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"Today is all that you have. Organize the hours of this day so that you make years out of minutes and months out of seconds. Seek forgiveness from your Lord, remember HIM, prepare for the final parting from this world and live today happily and at peace."

'Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni