Oct 28, 2013

su dan ka

I want to sleep. seriously!! but i can't!!. runny nose makes my head cramp! Therefore, i end up uploading all these 'kesukaan' hehehe.. Cik Kem said, after my graduation day, this is the second time she saw me being sooooo happy 'dalam-erti-kata-yg sebenar' haha only-we-know-what-it-is =p

(...nk upload gmbr lgi tp internet slow plak so ni jelah dulu setakat ni)

Oct 9, 2013


Sesekali mundurlah selangkah. Temukan hal terlewat yg jatuh di bawah. Tataplah ke segala arah. Dunia kan jadi lebih indah!
-RIni Aprilia

Oct 4, 2013

"Today is all that you have. Organize the hours of this day so that you make years out of minutes and months out of seconds. Seek forgiveness from your Lord, remember HIM, prepare for the final parting from this world and live today happily and at peace."

'Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni