Jun 7, 2011


Bila aku tengok atas, aku nampak sesuatu di rak buku Kak Ayu;

"Allah did not promise that life would be easy for us, but he did promise that HE will be by our side, in every step we take, as long as we are in His path, SEEKING and HOPING to gain His Mercy and Love"

..dan bila tiba di bilik pula, aku tengok ada satu bungkusan di atas katil dan di dalamnya ada sesuatu berserta secalit nota;

"I have an ambition that I have no intention of leaving just a dream" 
(Uchiha Sasuke)


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"Today is all that you have. Organize the hours of this day so that you make years out of minutes and months out of seconds. Seek forgiveness from your Lord, remember HIM, prepare for the final parting from this world and live today happily and at peace."

'Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni