Oct 9, 2009

CPR Workshop

"Sir, sir. Are you okay? Can you hear me?"

No respond.

"You, call 999 ambulance!"

Immediately assess the airway pattern of the patient by doing head-tilt and chin-lift technique.
By doing this, the airway will be opened. Check for foreign body and remove it if seen.
Then assess the breathing. Keeping the airway open, look, listen and feel for normal breathing within less than 10 seconds.
Look for chest movement
Listen at the victim's mouth for breath sounds
Feel for air on your cheek


But he is not breathing!

Quickly give mouth-to-mouth ventilation.

And then check for the pulse at the carotid artery (at the neck, near the adam apple).

No pulse!

Then immediately begin chest compression. must be hard and fast! and approximately 100 times per minute for 5 cycles huuuuu

next give mouth-to-mouth ventilation 2 times. This is counted as 1 cycle.

Then continue doing chest compression
until 5 cycles.

5 cycles completed.

check for the carotid pulse again

pulse present.

then check the breathing again. Look,listen and feel formula.

If the breathing is present, turn him into recovery position.

And then while waiting for the ambulance to come, assess ABC of the patient in every 2 minutes.
(The formula in emergency situation is DR ABC: D= danger R= responsiveness A= airway, B=breathing, C=circulation)


This is the thing that was going on during the CPR workshop today. And this is part of the situations we did in the practical exam this afternoon.

Huhu it is not easy to be qualified in order to get the CPR license. This basic life support workshop really tests our understanding and critical thinking in order to manage a sudden collapse patient.

What is CPR is all about?

CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the term used to describe a series of action that comprises artificial respiration and chest compressions
on patients in cardiorespiratory arrest, which has to be initiated promptly to improve the chance of survival before advanced medical care is available.

In the absence of spontaneous breathing and circulation, brain damage starts to occur in about 4 minutes.
And if no resuscitation is carried out, brain death is almost certain to occur in 10 minutes.

All in all, i learn a lot in this workshop and really enjoy it!

Starting with the training course in the morning and having the written exam and clinical exam in the afternoon ohoho it really makes my head cramp!
Nasib baik tak status epilepticus uhuk...
This CPR course is essential for us in order to get the license so that we could perform basic life support officially.
But the deal is if only u pass both practical exam and written exam therefore u may have the license in your hand.

Alhamdulillah finally i made it!

Sesungguhnya terima kasih yg infiniti Ya Allah kerana semua ini adalah bantuan daripadaMU.

Sungguh aku study tak habis mana pun!

em btw special thanks to Anje, Kak Nani our staff nurse because u guys really help me! explaining this and that until i manage to absorb all those things

May Allah bless!

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