May 17, 2009

Special Dedication



Terima kasih atas segalanya
buat dirimu insan yg bergelar guru
Jasamu dikenang
Baktimu dijulang!

No matter what hour of the day
You were always there for me
Lending your helping hand
To correct my mistakes
To guide me through the journey of life
Hope you have a great day ahead

Special dedication to;

My dearest Ustazah Siti Alawiyah Haron-guru pelatih syarahan+ngajar QS f4,f5 yg sempoi+kamceng

Cikgu Norhashimah Ismail - my forever buddy =)

Cikgu Rafidah Husin - my 2nd mom at IRSHAD, bio tchr

Teacher Norlilawati Mohd Noor aka tchr Lela- how can i forget a super woman n a happy-go-lucky tchr like u? english tchr from F1-F3

Cikgu Isfaliza- guru pembimbing team bahas yg sgt memahami

Cikgu Roshidah Abu-my pidato trainer + prefect tchr

Ustazah Norazah Ahmad- my homeroom teacher 2 Al-Farabi

Cikgu Rosini Ahmad- my homeroom teacher 3 Al-Farabi

Cikgu Zainol- very very kind-hearted+generous library tchr, hehe selalu je dok 'pau' ckg time skola dulu =P

Ustazah Zuraini- my sister at IRSHAD

Teacher Normala Zainal Abidin- my english tchr during my primary schl

UStazah Zaidah- my Adab wa Nusus tchr at Kisas hehe w.pun sekejap tapi amat bermakna

Mdm Jannah- my hilarious Physics 2 lecturer at matric =p

and to all my IIUM,Irshadian, SKKTB,tadika KEMAS teachers wherever u are..,
I thank u all so much for everything, for anything!

May Allah bless u all teachers!

p/s: berderet2 plak sambutan mother's day,nurse's day,teacher's day..

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"Today is all that you have. Organize the hours of this day so that you make years out of minutes and months out of seconds. Seek forgiveness from your Lord, remember HIM, prepare for the final parting from this world and live today happily and at peace."

'Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni