May 7, 2009

Sekitar di Kenanga 6


hari ni tak keja, public holiday..Hari HOL Pahang =) heaven. yeay!
This week and the following week i'm placing in ward K6, a female orthopaedic ward. Normally female orthopaedic ward is less busy compared to male orthopaedic ward.
On my first day there, we had only 10 patients in the whole ward hola hola bahagia laa haha..naaa actually it's not like that. Lesser patient lesser work = BORING. Why boring? because you'll find nothing to do! ehhh? Is it true?
yelah kadang-kadang bilangan student nurse lebih ramai berbanding patient huuu tu yang bleh jadi sampai tak tau nk buat keja apa dah..
Em sebenarnya ada je keje,carilah. buat-buat sibuk.kemas trolley ke, susun barang ke,cop form ke etc
Pada setiap yg mencari dia pasti akan menemui =)

May 4, 2009
it was my first day in K6. it's been a while since my last time being posted in ortho ward was during last semester. itupun kejap je..mostly kat medical n surgical ward. it takes time to adapt in ortho ward again sebab nk remember a lot of the ortho terms,procedures so on n so forth. So moral of the story; get well prepared before entering ortho ward alright?! em hoho patient tak ramai maaa..dah la kena shif petang pulak tu hari ni. Em usually there'll be less works to do during evening shift. Morning shift is the most super duper busy period! because most of the medical procedures are done in the morning.
em petang dah nk dekat maghrib dah masa tu tiba-tiba ada new admission. DFU case.
DFU = diabetic foot ulcer. and i was asked by the staff nurse in charge, Kak Sham to do the dressing. Dressing means cleaning the wound in medical.
Patient diagnosis: Sepsis secondary to DFU.
after assessing the patient's wound at first, i went to prepare all the equipments needed. disebabkan nampak wound tu kecik je so i think i can handle it by myself sebab Farael dgn K.Ayu, my ward-mates pun pegi rehat masa tu. ops it was a povidone-normal saline dressing. Bila dah start nk cuci semua pastu pusingkan kaki makcik tu, aiyakkkk!! it was the largest diabetic wound i'd ever seen! Allah Allah.. seriously almost 80% of her foot was infected!huu memang nampak la tendon dia, tulang ankle dia yg dah mcm terkulai.. My God! seriously i need an assistant man! Because dressing is a sterile procedure, i need assistant to hold the foot in order to clean the plantar side of the foot. Most of the wound covered her plantar side.Went out to find someone n alhamdulillah luckily Farael just came back. 'El, cepat assist aku jap'dan reaksi El sewaktu melihat wound itu..ngeri!
Tried our best to clean the wound n alhamdulillah we made it. It's an interesting experience for today! like it =) gambar hiasan
ohoho just now my clinical instructor came n got h/work to do huhu
sebab ada sorang patient tu diagnosis dia APO, so kena balik cari la menatang apa APO tu...

May 5,2009
found. APO = acute pulmonary oedema.
Acute pulmonary edema is accumulation of fluid in lung usually because heart left ventricle doesn't pump adequately. It's a common complication of heart disease; most associate with heart failure [source: FreeOnline Medical Dictionary]
em hari ni bilangan patient bertambah. total: 12 orang. masih syif petang huu maka masih tak banyak keja sangat. wanna share something about fluid in the ward, ni yg jarang-jarang dijumpai + jarang digunakan;

.S3 = Sodium Chloride 3%. Will be used in fast correction and during cardiac monitoring.
.M20= Mannitol. it's a diuretic. One of its functions is reducing intracranial pressure.Usually used in emergency situation.

em dlm pukul 5ptg cmtu kena hntar patient g X-ray,sebab dia nk buat operation esok. bedridden patient.
patient diagnosis: Fracture of left femur with intraabdominal injury
dari tingkat 6 tolak katil dgn Farael ke X-ray department di tingkat bawah
supposedly we were the first one but priority is given to the emergency n urgent case first huhu keep waiting..
lama tak lamanya tunggu dalam pukul 7++ baru siap huu
balik ke wad n continue doing works as usual

May 6,2009
wake up. wake up. today is the morning shift. get ready for the busy day hehe
the number of patients is increasing, total: 14.
my routine upon entering the ward, after washing hands i'll go n check the water level of humidifier at every bed in my cubical to ensure the oxygen supply runs well.em well as expected, we had to do dressing to all the patients, hourly observations for several patients, bed making,this and that blablabla
basically dressing will be done after surgeon does the ward round to the entire ward. nak tunggu surgeon datang la yg kadang-kadang jdi masalah huuu sebab kadang2 tetiba ada emergency operation awal pagi etc maka surgeon pun akn terdatang lambat dan lambatlah kami nk start buat dressing.. usually dressing will take about 20-30minutes depends on the wound condition. the worse the wound condition the longer time will be taken to dressing it.
hari ni buat dressing utk 2 org patient, 1st case buat flush normal saline and second buat povidone dressing + swab CNS. CNS = culture and sensitivity. Swab CNS will be done to take any sample of the wound for further investigation like investigate the bacteria exist etc. For this patient, because the wound is in bad condition with the existence of puss, bloody woound, gangrene that's why doctor ordered for swab culture and sensitivity. ops this patient has diabetic wound fyi.
em think that's all for today. apepun memang enjoy n best! peace


  1. Wah...
    a very nice story to share!

  2. best jgk dapat share experience ya..byk term km bljq kat cni.lain tempat lain cbrn yang mendidik jiwa untuk sabar dan ikhlas dlm laksanakan a good nurse(",).

  3. err..dressing 2 pe kak hajar?bersih luke k?


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