Feb 19, 2009

Visit to Rumah Ehsan


yahoo Thursday was a holiday!!!
naaa no such thing heee..
[bertuah sgt laa klu tgh2 weekdays dpt cuti]
but we ourselves created the 'holiday' title =)

as a part of our syllabus for Gerontological Nursing subject we'd visited one famous old folks home in the eastern called Rumah Ehsan.
sort of field visit, something like that..
jalan-jalan cari makan la jugak kt Dungun kiranya =)

Rumah Ehsan is not really an old folks home but it is like a nursing home for the elderly or homeless people
The most wanted criteria for someone to enter Rumah Ehsan regardless the age is that he/she must have chronic disease confirmed by doctor + have nobody to look after.. bak kata abg yg bagi taklimat tu, sakit melarat..
Most of the residents are bedridden due to paralysis + other chronic diseases
just a very few of them [ u can count them!] are able to mobilize normally
there are about 110 residents at Rumah Ehsan
some of them are homeless, send by their own family, come by their own
huuu sgt mengharukan laa when we tried to approach them
i can say that seriously they need our attention+love+care!

there's one client known as Makcik Jahara,she's blind+immobilize
her action that really caught my attention was she's holding a tasbih n saying zikir
Allah Allah
i was impressed!
i started doing rapport with her n we chat for a while bla bla bla
serioulsy she missed her family! i knew it by looking at her face + when the tears came out everytime she told me about her family..

another 1 is P.Cik Ismail, a Sabahan..
i remember him most because he told me a very long history about his life, how he could get there accidentally bla bla bla
ouch..really touch my heart!
from his story i know that he's a well-educated person previously
but whatever, he always told me that he never regret with his life
because he got everything already,
'yg penting ada ilmu. tuntutlah ilmu sampai mati'
i'll remember those words..

it was a whole day program since we involved in helping them in physiotherapy session, eating and so forth..

when i reached my room, i began to think..
how's my future?
YA Allah peliharalah kami hambaMU yg serba kekurangan
jagalah kami ke akhir hayat

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