Feb 28, 2009

Life target

kali ni nk bercerita pasal talk Dr Khairizan few weeks back during Nursing Edu Week

Life in this world is about knowing where are you going
everybody= calon jenazah
and because of that everybody must have their life target
in order to achieve our target we must have high motivation
some said, ingat senang ke nk didik diri bermotivasi?
that's why we must have the reason for action
we need desire for achievement
jadilah org yg determination
pergh ak teruja di situ..
w.pun pd awalnya dtg secara paksa rela hehe tpi emm..best jugak Dr ni heee
ok smbung..

lack of desire = HATE
sebab tulah kita sukar nk menggapai our target
em betul betul betul
so that people
u must keeping up with motivation!

Know your target n work for it!
bila dh ada clear target [ u must have it]
Allah knows best!

Requirement to keeping up with motivation:
You must have~
1. Life target
2. Accepting responsibilities
3. Multiple short term target - must be clear target
4. Prepare to handle complications
5. Flexible and thinking to be success

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'Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni